The Key To Fitness Success


By Travis


It’s not the latest workout fad.

It’s not the hardest exercise routine.

It’s not about the trendiest diet.

And certainly not about that reality TV show.

The true key to fitness success lies in MOMENTUM.

The power of doing a bit every day and not stopping. Today, I’ll guide you on how to do this!

A single workout may leave you sore.

Ten workouts will start showing changes.

A hundred workouts will transform you.

The impact of exercise accumulates over time. Spread those 100 workouts over a decade (about one workout every two weeks), and you’ll see no significant results, regardless of the workout intensity.

What you really need is consistency, which is challenging. That’s where we come in at Sentry. We help you develop consistency (regular exercise) in a manner that integrates exercise seamlessly into your life (momentum!).

1. It starts with proper onboarding. Poor technique hinders consistency and disrupts momentum.

2. We gradually introduce healthy eating habits. Consistent good eating habits are more effective than occasionally perfect ones.

3. Our workouts are designed to be enjoyable. You’ll be eager to attend because it’s not boring.

4. We’ll present you with your next step so you know what you’re reaching toward.

5. We regularly update your workouts, programs, and nutrition plans to avoid plateaus.

6. Our focus is on one daily action to enhance your health.

The magic of point 6 is this: as you get fitter, the fitter you get from the simple tasks.

Gaining lean muscle and losing fat compounds your results. You’ll look forward to working out. You’ll feel better, have more energy, and be excited to hit the gym.

As you become stronger and more flexible, you’ll start exploring new limits, surprising yourself with your capabilities.

This is what momentum means: small habits create small wins, which creates enthusiasm for your fitness. And when you love this stuff, it’s easy. And when it’s easy, you get more results, even faster…

What are you doing TODAY to build momentum for yourself?

So, what are you doing TODAY to create your momentum?