How to Add Zone 2 Into Your Training


By Travis

   Exercise at 65% of your maximum heart rate is often referred to as “Zone 2” training. Here’s an article explaining the value of Zone 2 and how often to do Zone 2 exercise.

Incorporating Zone 2 into your existing workout routine can be achieved a few ways:

– Personal or semi-private training clients at Sentry will receive specific guidance. Your coach will prescribe “blocks”  of Zone 2 training into your weekly program. A “block” is 30 minutes of steady state training. Just follow the coaches instructions – they have a plan for you.

– Group class attendees at Sentry could include Zone 2 exercise between regular workouts. You could also scale the class workouts to achieve Zone 2 benefits. Utilize a heart rate monitor during classes and you could maintain Zone 2. If attending three group classes weekly, designate one for Zone 2 training, and go hard on the other days. Consider planning your easier day for the end of the week.

– For those not yet a client at Sentry, consider reaching out to discuss how to get started.

– On your own, you can buy a heart rate monitor and a watch to track your heart rate. Determine your maximum heart rate independently or use a formula from the article above. Aim for at least two “blocks”of uninterrupted Zone 2 exercise each week.

Zone 2 training enhances your metabolic flexibility, allowing your body to utilize fats as fuel. This can lead to reduced body fat, as you’re burning fat during exercise. Overly intense workouts without Zone 2 can actually decrease your body’s ability to burn fat during exercise. Use Zone 2 if fat loss is your goal!