The Four Pillars Of Exercise

By Travis

I recently watched a video with Dr. Peter Attia, where he explained his approach to enhancing fitness through exercise. He terms it as “the Four Pillars,” which include:

1. **Strength** – The ability to lift yourself or an external load.

2. **Stability** – The ability to maintain maintain proper positions and preventing injuries.

3. **Aerobic Capacity** – It’s the ability to burn fat for energy.

4. **Anaerobic Capacity** – The ability to reach with maximal output for short periods when required.

Dr. Attia’s discussion on the Four Pillars can be viewed HERE  Or you can train these pillars with a coach at Sentry!

We incorporate these pillars in a variety of creative combinations at our facility. Each week, we target these four aspects multiple times, either individually or in conjunction with other exercises. This approach ensures our training sessions are engaging, fun, and more like a playful challenge than a routine task.

Take, for instance, a workout that blends deadlifting (excellent for both strength and stability) with sprinting (effective for enhancing anaerobic capacity):

1. Run 400 meters as quickly as possible.

2. Perform 21 deadlifts with a significant weight, maintaining proper form. (Our coaches will guide you to ensure correct execution.)

3. Repeat this cycle three times and note your time.

You have the option to participate in this workout in a group setting for added enjoyment, or individually for more scheduling flexibility or focused one-on-one coaching.

The point is that exercising doesn’t have to be mundane or overly complex. It can be straightforward, enjoyable, and, above all, efficient. Following this model ensures you gain the maximum benefit from the time invested in exercising.

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