The “Connect-3” Strategy

The “The Connect-3 Strategy”

By Travis

Those who are passionate about exercise typically share two common traits:

1 – They work out with a partner

2 – They receive guidance from a coach.

In essence, the key to a successful and enjoyable exercise routine often involves having both a workout partner and a coach. Forming habits is a challenge when you’re going it alone. However, when you know someone else is relying on you, you’re far more likely to stick to your commitment.

Your exercise partner could be your spouse, a friend, or even someone you’ve just met. Picture this: it’s 6:14 a.m., your alarm sounds for the third time, and it’s Monday. You’re tempted to snooze or browse social media, but then you remember—Sally is expecting you at the gym at 7 a.m. You’ve committed to this workout, and you’re eager to catch up with her. Would you show up? Most likely, yes. Without Sally, the choice to attend becomes far less certain. That’s the influence of having a workout buddy.

Here’s another scenario for you. It’s 8 p.m., and you’re lounging on the couch, fighting off fatigue. Your spouse has brought home a dozen cookies from a local bakery. The temptation is real. But you’re also aware that your coach will review your food log tomorrow morning, and that your choices today will impact your long-term goals. Would you eat the cookies? Probably not. Without a set goal and a coach to guide you, there’s less motivation to make the better choice.

At Sentry, we emphasize coaching and community. Our clients often work out in various formats: one-on-one with a coach, in pairs with a spouse or friend, or in group settings. Regardless of the setup, coaching remains constant.

This triad—exercise enthusiast, workout partner, and coach—creates a synergy that’s more potent than any single component. This dynamic fosters accountability, camaraderie, and sometimes, a dash of healthy competition. Dr. John Ratey at Harvard calls this phenomenon “Competitive Collaboration.” He noted that not only do we strive for our own success, but we also find joy in contributing to the success of others.

The advantage of a training partner or group is clear: they want you to succeed, sometimes even more than you do.

So, the core principle is straightforward: surround yourself with people who are aligned with your goals and seek guidance from those who have achieved what you’re aiming for.

The “Connect-3” Strategy boils down to these steps:

1. Locate a workout partner (or let us match you with one)

2. Find a coach

3. Engage with both on a daily basis.

Life is a journey. Travel with a friend.

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