Hard choices, easy lift.

“Easy choices, hard life.
Hard choices, easy life”
– Jerzy Gregorak

What’s the hardest thing you’ve chosen to do in the last week?

Not something you were forced to do, but CHOSE to do?

Maybe it was the workout from last Saturday? 🙂

When you’re in the middle of a really tough workout and your heart is pounding, your breathing is heavy, and your legs hurt…

You start to wonder

“Why am I doing this to myself?”

You could have stayed home and watched “The Good Place” on Netflix!

Or just went for a nice, leisurely walk instead.

But instead you came in and did an insanely tough workout that made you want to quit.


Secretly, you know why.

Even with all the weirdness going on right now….

You have to admit, you have a relatively comfortable life.

Of course you still have struggles, tragedy, and problems….

But you still have food, water, electricity, internet.

(For now, at least)

But what happens if you settle into that comfort?

Remember the time you got “comfortable” with your diet and put on 15 lbs?

Or that friend who was comfortable at work until the moment they got laid off?

Comfort is dangerous.

You don’t want comfort.

As painful as it sounds, you WANT to be uncomfortable.

You NEED it.

Humans are wired for struggle.

You are going to spend your energy fighting for or against something for your entire life.

But not all humans know an important secret…

You can CHOOSE your struggles!

Not all of them, of course.

Life is going to throw some struggles at you on its own.

They’re going to make life harder, more uncomfortable, and sometimes just sucky.

If you stand still, life can beat the hell out of you with a never-ending supply of struggle.

But when you choose your own things to struggle against…

And you make those things hard as f***.

You build your mind and body to handle the unexpected stuff life throws at you.

The sucky times are a little less sucky

“Big” problems don’t seem quite so big.

And the problems other people think are “hard” seem easy to you.

Cause you know how to handle discomfort.

By doing hard shit day after day

Week after week.

Hard choices, easy life

Go do some hard shit this week.

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WOD 4.11

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WOD 4.10

When you get into a good rhythm at the gym, it can be challenging to keep momentum during periods when you cannot be in the gym.  With the holiday season quickly approaching (I saw Christmas lights at Target already….) here are 10 workouts you can crush at home, your parents, in-laws…wherever the wind takes you!

  1. 10 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

20 double unders/40 singles

100m run


  1.  10 rounds

5 burpees

10 push-ups

15 squats

  1.  2 rounds

50 squats

50 situps

40 double unders/80 singles

40 lunges

30 push-ups

30 double unders/singles


  1.  10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1




  1.  12 minute amrap

200m run

15 squats

15 push-ups


  1.  7 min burpees


  1.   4 rounds

20 squats

15 push-ups

1 v-ups


  1.  4 rounds

1 min each

Shuttle run



1 min rest at the end of each round



  1.  14m AMRAP

22 lunges

10 push-ups

15 sit-ups


  1.  20 push-ups

40 burpees

20 squats

30 burpees

20 lunges (Left+Right=1 lunge)

20 burpees

20 broad jumps

10 burpees


Looking forward to cooler weather and sweatpants,