The Pareto Plan

By Travis / October 9, 2023

My top advice for anyone embarking on a fitness journey is this: Prioritize one health-improving action each day before anything else. This doesn’t necessitate a morning run; it simply means your day’s first activity should enhance your well-being. I’ll offer some tips shortly.

Often referred to as the “80-20 rule,” Pareto’s principle suggests that 80% of your outcomes come from 20% of your efforts. This principle is applicable to your exercise regimen, diet, financial decisions, and many other areas. The goal is to focus on the most crucial tasks of your day before distractions set in.

We’re all aware of the need to exercise and cut down on sugar, but life’s distractions can derail even our best-laid plans. Maybe you intended to attend a midday session at Catalyst, but a colleague took an extended lunch break. Perhaps you aimed to eat more veggies, but your fridge was empty and the kids needed a ride from the park. I understand!

If you’re a beginner or looking to form a new habit, opt for an activity you can do first thing in the morning. For instance:

– If you usually skip breakfast, take 10 extra minutes to prepare an egg and eat it with toast.

– If exercise is missing from your routine, dedicate 20 minutes to a basic workout that makes you sweat.

– Already exercising? Include 15 minutes of stretching or yoga in your morning.

– Struggling with stress or anxiety? Spend ten minutes writing, praying, or meditating.

– Rather than grabbing lunch on the go, pack it in advance to avoid making unhealthy choices later.

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In summary: Each day, prioritize one action that improves your health before tackling anything else.

Bonus: I keep track of my daily habits using a user-friendly app called Streaks. It’s free and straightforward. My current streak for tracking my eating is three days, with my best streak at 30 days.

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