Getting Your Life On Track

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase, “When you work out, your whole life works out!”

And maybe exercise doesn’t fix everything, but it can sure feel that way.

Exercise makes you more confident.

Exercise makes you calm.

Exercise helps you think more clearly.

Exercise increases memory storage AND recall.

Exercise helps you focus.

Exercise makes you want to eat better.

Exercise with friends gives you perspective.

Exercise makes you happy.

These are the fundamental building blocks to a happier life.

When you’re confident, you socialize more. You ask for the things you want. You stop hiding.

When you’re focused, you feel less overwhelmed. You stress less. You perceive that you have control over things.

When you’re happy, people will want to be around you more. Little daily stresses won’t worry you. You’ll feel like you’re winning almost all of the time.

When you’re calm, you’ll make better decisions about your health, your relationships and your work.

When you look better, you’ll feel better too.

Look, exercise doesn’t solve every problem in your life. Not directly. But it’s a good first step. When you change your habits, you change your perspective. When you change your perspective, things just seem to fall into line. You start getting little tiny wins, and that makes you appreciate the big wins more.

Want proof?

Ask yourself right now, “How am I feeling, on a scale of 1-10?”

Then go for a 30-minute walk outside.

Then ask yourself the same question again.

If you don’t feel at least a little better, I’d be surprised. BUT WAIT–not all of the results are in yet.

At the end of the day, ask yourself, “Did the day go better than I thought it would? Did it go worse? Or was it about what I expected?”

Most of the time, your day will go better when you start with exercise.

Try it for a week. Tell me I’m wrong.

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