"Friendly and positive atmosphere"


I first heard about CrossFit through my sister, who was suddenly extremely in shape, about 7 years ago. She was a member of a box up in Bellingham, and the workouts she described sounded tough and different from anything I had ever done before.

    I soon heard about a box in town, and was intrigued.  Walking in was super intimidating.  I was lifting in the regular gym, and running 5 days a week, but these crossfit workouts killed me!
    I was hooked in no time. The friendly and positive atmosphere mixed with a level of intensity that I had never seen since competing in high school sports, and had me excited to learn new skills.
    I think for me this is the best thing is the realization that there is always something to learn, and something to improve upon. It keeps staying fit fun and exciting.
    It is a great feeling to cheer on others as they strive for new skills and levels of fitness,  knowing that they too will cheer you on as you struggle or triumph in your fitness journey. It is the reason so many people love working out at Crossfit Sentry, and the reason it continues to grow.

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