Whether you’re new to working out, following-through on a New Year’s Resolution, are a seasoned veteran looking to make a comeback, or an elite athlete striving to take their training to the next level, CrossFit Foundations is for you. Foundations stands to further your understanding of exercise physiology, and help you achieve your athletic performance or fitness goals.

NEXT SESSION: June 3rd – June 21st

Program Curriculum

Educational, Engaging, and FUN, the Thorbeckes CrossFit Foundations Program curriculum involves theory and practical work. The Integrated curriculum provides Participants with:

The ability to safely and effectively perform/employ all the movements used in Thorbeckes CrossFits’ programs.

Covered topics include gymnastic/body-weight exercises, mid-line stabilization exercises, plyometric movements, Olympic and Power-Lifting Movements, Kettlebell movements, and efficient  rowing form;

Awareness of general flexibility and/or mobility restrictions which could potentially impede their progress;

Basic soft-tissue maintenance tools essential for remaining limber, healthy, and injury-free.

CrossFit Sentry Foundations is comprised of four classes per week, for 2 weeks, followed by one week of unlimited CrossFit group classes. Each member will also receive a one hour individual assessment at a time determined by the attendee and Coach. Each class follows a set curriculum and covers unique subject matter. Each class:

  1. Details the underlying principles associated with each movement, exercise, or skill;
  2. Guides attendees through the execution of each movement;
  3. Dedicates time to the practice and application of each movement reviewed;
  4. Provides Coach-issued feedback and prescribes corrective cues or exercise modifications as necessary;
  5. Includes a programmed workout that both incorporates the movements reviewed, and simulates the CrossFit Sentry training environment;
  6. Concludes with mobility and flexibility work complimentary to the movements employed during the instruction and the workout.

Over the three week period, attendees:

  1. Are exposed to the key stimuli used in CrossFit Sentry’s Group Training Program;
  2. Taught how to perform each of the basic foundational movements employed by CrossFit Sentry;
  3. Perform in bench-mark workouts that both help establish a base-line for subsequent Group Training workouts, and demonstrate their proficiency with the subject material;
  4. Are given instruction and guidance on how to develop a suitable approach to Group Training workouts based on their personal strengths and weaknesses.

CrossFit Sentry is committed to a non-intimidating training environment. We want all of our members feeling both comfortable within a Group Training environment and confident with their newfound skills before they make the transition to Group Training classes. If you still don’t feel as though you’re ready to transition to our Group Training Classes after completing Foundations, we’re here to help. Speak to your coach about your options for continued private instruction.


  1. 4x a week for 2 weeks
  2. 1 week of CrossFit Group Classes
  3. One Hour Individual Assessment
  4. Nutrition Tracking and Reporting
  5. Access to the Sentry Foundations Facebook Page

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