Meet Lucas Vasilauskas and upcoming seminars!

Lucas Vasilauskas 

Lucas has worked in the fitness industry almost his entire career and has coached at a number of affiliates throughout California, most notably CrossFit Sacramento and CrossFit Natomas, before moving to Washington. 

He holds his NASM Personal Trainer Certification and multiple CrossFit certifications including the CrossFit Level 2 designation. 

Lucas has been subbing some classes here at Sentry and will also be hosting some upcoming specialty seminars including a pull-up seminar!

Pull-Up Seminar:

Have a goal to get your first strict Pull-up? Maybe your first kipping or butterfly pull-up? Or maybe having some more options for scales? Then this is the class for you! We will be having 2 class days for this. June 11th and June 18th at 11am, and they will be about an hour each. The first day will cover the more beginner side, starting with:

  • how to properly hang from a bar
  • all the way to Kipping Mechanics The second day will cover the next steps from everything g covered in day one like:
  • kipping pull-ups
  • butterfly
  • etc.

Throughout the 2 weeks I will give each of you some drills that you can work on in your own time to help improve the area we discovered needs fine tuning for you.


$20 Drop in. This is open to non members as well!

Anyone interested can email