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Tuesday, February 27th

How Exercise May Help the Memory Grow Stronger NY Times A) On the minute, for 12 minutes:  Hang Power Snatch x 1.1 Load the 9 sets in repeating waves of light, medium and heavy.  Ex. 95/135/155/95/135/155/95/135/155 B) 6 sets of: 30 Double unders...

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Monday, February 26th

// Travis Schliesser The topic of whether or not to redo an Open workout always comes up and draws a lot of attention. So I wanted to give my two cents. Here are my thoughts: In general, I’m not a fan of it. If you don’t beat your previous score...

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Friday, February 23rd

If you are competing the Open, please take the judges course HERE before end of day on Monday. Classes will run like normal today. However, 4:30 on they may start to blend together. Show up, warmup and well get you in a heat! A) 3 casual sets of...

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Thursday, February 22nd

THE OPEN IS HERE! So far we have 50 (!!!)  members registered for the 2018 CrossFit Open. If you’ve registered, congrats on making this decision! It’s going to be an awesome five weeks in which you’ll get to benchmark your overall fitness and...

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Wednesday, February 21st

My Body Size Does Not Determine My Ability Girls Gone Strong A) Every 3 minutes, for 18 minutes: 8 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20 10 Toes To Bar 12 Calorie Row The goal is unbroken reps B) 3 sets of: Front Squat x 10 reps short rest  Starfish Hold x...

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Tuesday, February 20th

How Much Is Enough? Finding Your Perfect Workout Frequency BarBend Ron Gets Fit CrossFit Journal A) 5 sets of: Push Jerk x 5 reps rest 2 minutes Work up to a tough set of 5. No Split Jerks  B) In teams of two, complete 5 rounds each  for Time: 12...

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Monday, February 19th

Presidents Day schedule: No 5am. All other classes are the same.  Performance is in red, Competition is in blue, Accessory Work is in orange, Links are in green A) On the minute, for 10 minutes: Even: Hang Power Snatch x 3 reps Odd: Double Unders...

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