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Friday, January 24th

Chaos In The Capital This Weekend! CrossFit Kids Kids returns February 13. We are capping this program to 10 kids so don’t wait to sign up! Email for more info. Foundations begins February 3rd! A) Every 3...

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Tuesday, January 21st

Happy Birthday Megan! Chaos In The Capital This Weekend! A) “Barbara”5 rounds for time:20 pull-up30 push-ups40 sit-ups50 squats Rest 3 minutes between rounds. *35 minute time cap This is a classic CF girl. Pace the first two rounds knowing that...

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Monday, January 20th

Chaos In The Capital This Weekend! Normal class schedule today.  A) Every 2 minutes, for 14 minutes (7 sets):High Hang Power Clean + Hang Power Clean + Power Clean Build over  the 7 sets, starting at around 55-60% of your 1-RM Power Clean B) In...

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Saturday, January 18th

A) 4 Rounds For Times500m Row25′ Walking Lunge 50/3520 Wall balls (20/14)15 Sumo Deadlift Highpulls 75/5510 Burpee Box Jump Overs rest 3 minutes  Settle in for the row, and try to move through the rest without stopping. Goal is to maintain...

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Friday, January 17th

A) Every 90 seconds, for 4 sets:Sotts Press x 3 reps(clean grip, pressing from the bottom of a front squat)This one requires a lot of front rack mobility. If unable to perform the press from the bottom of the squat, press from a half or quarter...

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Thursday, January 16th

A)  Pace TrainingOn the minute, for 21 minutes:Min 1: Max DB box step-overs (you choose the weight. Light-ish)Min 2: Max  Double undersMin  3: Max Weighted plank hold (45/35) *:50 work / :10 rest for all working minutes. Consider this workout...

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