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Thursday, December 6th

By Travis Schliesser   Our Holiday Party is December 15th! We will be doing potluck style for food at the Holiday party again! And if your bringing something, NO it doesn’t have to be “health” 😀  Attend a FREE recovery...

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Wednesday, December 5th

By Travis Schliesser    Recovery during the 12 days, and a bonus. Day 3. A little sore, a little tired
and if you did Monday’s workout a little HUNGRY. 1) Eat something right after training. Literally immediately after (no more than 20-30...

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Tuesday, December 4th

By Travis Schliesser   On the Second Day of CrossFit Travis Claus gave to me… A) 2 sets  2:00 Row Rest 2 minutes  2:00 Row Rest 2 minutes 2:00 Row Rest 2 minutes *Make set one easy and increase the pace for set 2. You hould get your...

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Monday, December 3rd

By Travis Schliesser    This week marks the first week of December and week eight of our eight week training cycle. That means this week is a testing week. But were going to take it a step further and stretch it out over two weeks! While...

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Saturday, December 1st

By Travis Schliesser    A) 20 Minutes For Quality: 20 Calories on a machine 30 Second Hollow Hold 30 Second Double Kettlebell / Dumbbell Overhead Hold B) For time: Run 800 meters Then, 4 rounds of: 12 Strict pull-ups 9 Strict dips 6 Strict...

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Friday, November 30th

By Travis Schliesser   Today CrossFit Sentry wishes farewell to one of our longest standing and most beloved members, Sara Potter. Sara is moving to Colorado this Saturday to start a new, exciting chapter of her life. She’ll be living near...

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Thursday, November 29th

By Travis Schliesser    Happy Birthday Shane! A) With a running clock: 0:00-3:00 Run 400m then max rep kipping pull-ups  rest 1 minute 4:00-7:00 Run 400m then max rep Bench Press 115/75 rest 1 minute 8:00-11:00  Run 400m then max rep kipping...

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Wednesday, November 28th

By Travis Schliesser   Interview with CrossFit Games Athlete Banned for PEDs -Boxrox A) 5 sets of: Dumbbell “DT” 12 Deadlifts  9 Hang Power Cleans  6 Push Jerks  rest 2 minutes  Build over the sets to a heavy complex.  B) In...

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