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Saturday, May 16th

  Warmup Two Sets of:Bear Crawl x 20 steps forward + 20 steps backwardV-Ups  x 10 repsLateral Lunges or Cossack Squats x 20 repsScapular Push-Ups x 10 + Alternating Knee to Elbow x 20Russian Baby Makers x 10 Then… *Step 1*Pick one: Assault Bike...

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Friday, May 15th

WarmupOn the minute, for 4 minutes:Odd: 10 no pushup burpeeEven: 10 Russian Twist then.. On the minute, for 6 minutes:Odd: 5 Romanian deadlift + 5 strict press  (light or unweighted)Even: 30 sec standing calf stretch each side  A) Strength:3...

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Thursday, May 14th

Warmup 3 rounds:20 high knees8 pike push ups4/side scorpion stretch10 glute bridges A) Strength5 Rounds for Quality 30 seconds of alternating pistolsRest 60 seconds between sets Add weight if able, or try going lower than you did last week! Scale...

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Wednesday, May 13th

  Warmup  200m Run10 T Push Ups (push up to side plank)10 leg swings (10/side) Then… 3 Rounds:Max rep push ups10 air squats5 Russian baby makers A) 11 Rounds For Time 13 Dumbbell Squats 50/359 Box Jump Overs 24/20 *25 minute time cap For...

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Tuesday, May 12th

  Warmup  5 minutes as many rounds and reps as possible: 20 Jumping Jacks 8 Alt. Step-ups or Alt. Forward Lunges 4 yoga push ups   A) On the minute, for 10 minutes, Min 1: 8 seated press. (makes these challenging by going SLOW)Min 2: 10 Barbell...

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Thursday, May 7th

  Warmup 2 Rounds  1:00 alternating perfect stretch  10 No pushup burpee  15 Glute Bridge-Ups  10 Jumps – landing in the Power Position (quarter squat)    A)  Strength5 Rounds for Quality 30 seconds of alternating pistols Rest 60 seconds between...

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Wednesday, May 6th

  Warmup200m Run10 T Push Ups (push up to side plank)20 single leg reaches (10/side) Then.. 3 Rounds:Max rep push ups10 air squats5 russian baby makes  Choose your hardest scaling and go as many push ups as you can with good form. The second...

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Tuesday, May 5th

Online Zoom Class Schedule! -8:15am Yoga Tue/Thur-9:00am CrossFit Mon/Wed/Fri-12:00pm CrossFit Tue/Thur-5:00pm CrossFit Mon/Wed/Thur-4:30pm Weightlifting Tu/Fri-8:00am CrossFit Sat *No 6am classes.   Warmup5 minutes as many rounds and reps as...

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