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Tuesday, August 20th

LVL 1A) On the minute, for 12 minutes (2 sets):Station 1– Deadlift x 8 reps Station 2 – Barbell Hip Thrust x 10 reps Station 3 – Farmer’s Carry x 100 ftStation 4 – Prone Plank x 45-60 seconds LVL2A) Every 2 1/2 minutes, for 5 sets:Deadlift...

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Monday, August 19th

Happy Birthday Joshlynn   Meet Your Coach Christa!   A) On the minute, for 12 minutes (6 sets):Min 1: 200/150-m rowMin 2: 6 Rear foot elevated split squats each side Push through your legs! Little double leg power + single leg strength and...

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Friday, August 16th

  A) Handstand Skill WorkOn the minute, for 12 minutes:5 sit-ups20-30 seconds of handstand practice Choose one of the following options: A) Box pike handstand walkB) Lateral wall shuffleC) Free handstand walking (or 3+ feet from a wall) B)...

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Wednesday, August 14th

A) 15 minutes to build to a “heavy for today” SQUAT clean + jerk This is “heavy but feels good,” NOT “heaviest ever with sketchy footwork.” If you need to, drop some weight if things get sketchy, then work back up. B)  For time:30 squat clean +...

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Tuesday, August 13th

Happy Birthday Tiffany! KanJam practice Friday at 6:30pm! A) In teams of two:For Time2,000-m 120 burpees over the rower 1,000-m row100 pull-ups500-m row80 DB Snatch 50/35 (40:00 time cap) Scale with standard burpees, jumping pull-ups, and 35/20...

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Monday, August 12th

Meet Your Coaches! They teach you to move. They encourage you when you struggle.  They make you do burpees. They’re your coaches—but did you know that they’re human, too? Many of them played sports before CrossFit, but not all. One is an engineer...

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Saturday, August 10th

A) 30 minute AMRAPIn teams of two: 400-m run 2 rounds:20 toes-to-bars40 wall balls30 burpees to target 800-m run 2 rounds:20 toes-to-bars40 wall balls30 burpees to target 1-mile run 2 rounds:20 toes-to-bars40 wall balls30 burpees to target Split...

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Friday, August 9th

KanJam practice at 6:30pm after class!    A) Every 2 minutes, for 10 minutes (5 sets):Squat Clean Thruster + Push Press + Push Jerk  B) 18 minute AMRAP35 Double Unders3 Ring Muscle Ups3 Ring Dips 35 Double Unders5 Squat Cleans 195/125 Rx is dips...

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