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Saturday, December 7th

In teams of two, alternate whole rounds: A) 8 Minute AMRAP10 Thrusters 115/803 Ring Muscle UpsRest 5:00B) 8 Minute AMRAP 10 Box Jumps 24/20″15 American  Swings 53/35Rest 5:00 C) 8 Minute AMRAPMax Calorie Row/Bike*Switching every 15 cals The...

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Friday, December 6th

A1) 3 sets:Romanian Deadlift x 12 reps @4121rest 30 seconds  A2) 3 sets of:Dumbbell Lat Pullover   x 12 reps @4121rest 60 seconds Week 3 of 6 B) 10 Minute AMRAP1 Hang Power Clean 205/1353 Handstand Push-Ups Rx+: 225/155 The hang power clean...

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Thursday, December 5th

Pre ordering hoodies until the end of this week! Sign up at the front desk! Choose one:A) Level 1 Strength Building Superset:5-7 sets:A1)  x 5 Strict Straight Leg Raises or 5 Strict Toes-to-BarsA2) :20 Weighted Arch Hold OR… Level 2...

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Wednesday, December 4th

Pre ordering hoodies until the end of this week! Sign up at the front desk! A1) 3 sets of: Dumbbell Bench Press x 12 reps @4121  rest 30 seconds before A2 A2) 3 sets of: Ring Row x 12 reps @4121  rest 60 seconds before A1 DB heavier than last...

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Tuesday, December 3rd

A) Every 5 minutes, for 25 minutes:3 rounds for time7 No-Push-Up Burpees7 Deadlifts 185/1257 Box Jump Overs 24/20 The barbell should be on the medium-light side and unbroken. Stepping in/out on the Burpee and up on the box is allowed. Choose a...

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Monday, December 2nd

  A1) 3 sets of:Seated DB press x 12 reps @4121 rest 30 seconds A2) 3 sets of:Back squat x 12 reps @4121rest 1 minute Increase weight slightly from last week. This week the reps go down but there’s a third set. Use a load that’s light enough to...

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Saturday, November 30th

In teams of 2 with one partner working at a time, partners alternate complete rounds of: A)  12 Minute AMRAP 20 Double-Unders10 Dumbbell Deadlifts 50/3510 Alternating Dumbbell Renegade Rows Rest 6 minutes, then… B)  12 Minute AMRAP6 Toes To Bar 8...

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Friday, November 29th

No 5/6am classes today. All other classes are the same.  A1) 2 sets:Romanian Deadlift x 15 reps @4121rest 30 seconds  A2) 2 sets of:Dumbbell Lat Pullover   x 15 reps @4121rest 60 seconds Week 2 of 6 B) Bear Complex EMOM: On the minute, for 5...

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