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Monday, April 22nd

YOUR PROGRAM FOR SPRING This week, you get a preview of what’s to come in the next 12 weeks. Coach Travis has put together another video explaining the focus of this cycle and a few specific workouts to look forward to. Check it out! Some...

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Friday, April 19th

Train. Perform. Recover. With a proper workout program you’ll have the information and coaching to apply these workouts to what will get you the BEST results. Different days, different skills, and overall different types and feelings of workouts...

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Wednesday, April 17th

Happy Birthday Natalie! A) “Danny”20 minute AMRAP30 Box Jumps 24/2020 Push Press 115/7530 Pull-Ups This is our first Hero WOD of spring. Pick a weight/scaling you can do for at least 10 reps of each movement–you’ll have to break this one up early...

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Tuesday, April 16th

A) 10 rounds:Max effort bike in 10-15 seconds2 Back Squats at 70-80% 1RMrest 60 seconds between rounds Score = heaviest squat Training day. Can you squat when you’re tired? Work up to about 70% in the warm up, then grab a machine and go. For “max...

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Monday, April 15th

LVL1 A) Three sets of:Pause Bench Press x 8 reps Rest 45 secondsSingle-Arm DB Row x 6-8 reps each armRest 45 secondsV-Ups x 10-15 repsRest 45 seconds LVL2 A) 3 sets of: Paused Bench Press x 5 reps 2 second pause at the bottom. Build over the sets...

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Saturday, April 13th

Happy Birthday Lisa, Trent and Blake! A) In teams of two:Row 4000 meters Then… 150 Double unders30 Power snatch 95/65150 Double unders12 Ring muscle-ups150 Double unders30 Bar facing burpees150 Double unders12 Bar muscle-ups Then… Row...

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Friday, April 12

LVL 1A) On the minute, for 15 minutes (5 sets):Minute 1 – Goblet Squat x 6 reps (slow down/fast up)Minute 2 – Hanging Med Ball Hamsting Curl 20/14 Minute 3 – Hollow Rock or Hold x 30 seconds LVL 2A) 4 sets of:Paused Front Squat x 5 repsWork to a...

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Thursday, April 11th

A) 3 Rounds40 sec on/20 sec rest1) Row2) Crab walk (or rock back & forth… hips UP!)3) Hang from bar–HOLLOW4) L-Sit Hold 5) Bent Over Reverse DB Flys (light) Gymnastics/and active shoulder mobility here. Focus on opening your chest in the crab...

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