Saturday, May 30th

Class schedule update:
Saturday CrossFit 7am/8am.   If these get filled we’ll add another at 9am!

Meet Dillenger!

 I started Crossfit in October of 2017 and what sparked my interest into joining was seeing the 2017 Crossfit games play during that summer.

At first I was very cocky and my ego was quite inflated. I was humbled very shortly into my first workout when a lady who was at least 10 years older than me kicked my butt.

In many ways Crossfit has changed my way of thinking humbling me and helping me understand the value of humility.

My first “Ah Ha” moment was when I got my first ring muscle-up. It was a pretty intense few weeks before that, with all the transition drills. But I managed to get it.

Currently I am working on pistols (single leg squat). I don’t have the best mobility in my ankles so a lot of stretching!

My favorite memory at Sentry was the Friday night of 19.4.  I had done the workout the day before so I wasn’t concentrating on trying to score well. I also was able to take a step back and truly see the great community we have here.

Over all, joining Sentry isn’t just joining a gym its also joining a family.

A) In teams of 2
10 minute AMRAP
Partner “A” runs 400 meter run 
Partner “B”  AMRAP 10 Dumbbell Snatches + 10 Alternating Goblet Lunges 

rest 4 minutes 

B) In teams of 2
10 minute AMRAP
Partner “A” runs 400 meter run 
Partner “B”  AMRAP 10 box jump overs + 10 Alternating Alternating single leg V ups

Partner WOD! Partner A will run 400 meters while partner B performs the AMRAP, then switch. Keep switching for back and forth for the 10 minutes!