Thursday, May 28th

A) On the minute, for 20 minutes:
Minute 1: 40 seconds of Calorie Row 
Minute 2: 40 seconds of Right Arm KB/DB Front Rack Hold + Left Arm DB Farmer Hold (heavier than front rack hold)
Minute 3: 40 seconds of Left Arm KB/DB Front Rack Hold + Right Arm DB  Farmer Hold (heavier than front rack hold)
Minute 4: 40 seconds of Sit-ups 

Score is calories rowed + sit-ups

 Rest 2 minutes before B

You’ll perform 5 rounds total on each movement. You’re rowing for as many calories as possible on minute 1. Minutes 2 and 3 and an isometric hold in the front rack and farmer hold. Choose a weight that you can hold for the full 40 seconds. Isometric holds are a great way to build strength! 
Minute 4 is all about the abs. Anchor your feet and go for as many situps as possible. 

B) Tabata
20 seconds on/ 10 seconds off
Push-up Plank (side plank during the rest if able)