Wednesday, May 27th


If you’re performing the workouts at home still, you’ll need to sign into the new 11:00pm At Home class in order to add your results to the whiteboard. 

New Class! Thursday at 6am! This has been the busiest time so far so we’ll try this class time for a couple of weeks and see if it sticks!

Don’t Forget to reserve your class!

Reserve a class using the app! Select the date, then a class time. Just like you would “check in” to a class. 

Sentry Social Distancing Guidelines:

1. Upon arriving to the gym, please remain in your vehicle until 5 minutes before your class begins. 

2. If you are someone that needs “extra” time warming up, you could perform line drills in the parking lot. 

3. Upon entering the gym, wash your hands or use a squirt of hand sanitizer.

4. Please keep the recommended 6 feet distance between you and other members

5. Pick one of the ten available workout areas

6. When class is finished please wipe down all equipment you used and/or touched with the provided antibacterial wipes 

7. Exit the gym promptly after your workout so that the next class can enter and get started


A) On the minute, for 24 minutes:
Minute 1: 2 rounds of 4 power snatches + 4 hang squat snatches @95/65 or 40-50%
Minute 2: 15/12 cal row
Minute 3: AMRAP of 1 burpee + 2 toes to bar = 1 rep
Minute 4: Rest

Score is total reps of burpees + toes to bar.  Rx = complete all of the prescribed snatches and calories each round. 

More barbells today! We’re going to be getting back into some Oly work with light snatches from the floor and hang. These should be light enough that you can go right from the power snatch to the hang snatch without dropping the bar. This is 16 reps total per minute. Scale the hang squat snatch to a hang power snatch if your overhead mobility is rusty. 

The rowing can be scaled so you get at least 10 seconds of transition time. 

And we’re breaking into the gymnastics today! Small sets of toes to bar mixed with burpees! YAY!  Go for as many reps as possible here, as the next station is rest.