Saturday, May 23rd

We are pleased to announce that we are OPEN FOR MURPH!

We’ve outlined EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW on this page. Please read through these points so you can better understand our new policies and the precautions we are taking to keep you safe during your return to the gym.

For those of you who plan to remain home for a while, we will continue offering our ‘At Home’ virtual training options. We’ve also posted updates info for equipment rentals and membership options. Please take a moment to read all the details below.

Re-Opening Information

  • Sentry IS OPENING Monday!  (with restrictions) Under a new order from the governor’s office, small gyms can begin operating for personal training and small groups of 5 and less than 30% occupancy based on the buildings fire code.
  • Everyone will have their own equipment and other gear in their ‘Halo’ which will provide 145 sq ft of workout space for you, and you alone.
  • Classes will be 45 minutes in length, and you will stay in your Halo for the whole class.
  • There will be a “Passing Period” between classes to ensure distancing.
  • Each class will be capped at 10 people (2 groups of 5)
  • We will be adhering to the guidelines provided by the state for gyms to open so expect some amenities to not be reintroduced until Phase 3.
  • As of now, children are not allowed in the gym.
  • People still have the option to follow our virtual offering and live classes.
  • 2 days prior to our re-opening, all rented equipment will need to be returned. The gym will be open Fri from 1-5pm, Sat 12-4pm and Sun 12-3pm for returns. 
  • After our initial opening, people will still have the option to rent out equipment based on availability.
  • Remote coaching will still be available as a separate service.
  • We have updated our membership options
  • Due to classes being small and in high demand, we will be moving to a class reservation system. Classes MUST BE RESERVED
  • Classes can be reserved up to 48 hours in advance and must be cancelled at least three hours before the class begins or a no show fee or $7.00 will be charged. This will help ensure the classes are always full.
  • During this initial period, we will not be accepting new members. Due to the lack of availability, we are reserving these classes for our existing members. If you wish to join, email to be placed on a waitlist for now.
  • If you signed up for remote coaching during the closure, you have the option to transfer to an onsite membership.
  • We will not be accepting drop-ins. If you already have a punch card, you’re good to go.
  • We will start welcoming new members to Sentry as soon as there is consistently space available in classes.

We will have more announcements soon! Stay tuned!

Sentry Pricing Guide (current memberships are not effected)

Foundations  $174

-2 weeks of Foundations + 2 weeks of CrossFit

-Nutrition tracking and reporting

-Access to fitness tracking app

Recurring CrossFit Unlimited  $149

-Unlimited CrossFit Classes

-Additional family members 20% off

-Access to fitness tracking app

Recurring CrossFit Limited $99

-2 CrossFit classes per week

-Unlimited Quickfit

-Unlimited Open Gym

-Access to fitness tracking app


6 Minutes, Every minute on the minute:
MIN 1 – :45 Cardio Choice
MIN 2 – :45 Scap Push-Up
MIN 3 – :45 Cardio Choice
MIN 4 – :45 Single DB Bent Over Row
MIN 5 – :45 Cardio Choice
MIN 6 – :45 Gorilla walk

A) 8 rounds
90 seconds on, 90 seconds off:
30 Double Unders
3 Odd Object over shoulder
MAX Thrusters

Score is total thrusters

Get creative with your odd object.  Odd objects are the most functional way of using your fitness, since you probably pick something odd up every day. Have fun with it, because you have max thrusters waiting for you at the end of each interval.