Friday, May 21st

A) 4 sets of:
Single Leg Romanian Deadlift x 10 reps /side 
Rest 30 seconds
Step-Ups x 10 reps each leg (hold weight in front rack or at sides)
Rest 30 seconds
Single Leg Glute Bridge x 15 reps/leg 
Rest 30 seconds

B) For time:
Box jumps
Russian Swings

rest 2 minutes 

Lateral DB hops (over and back = 1 rep)
Russian Swings

15min Time Cap (includes rest)

Break the push-ups into manageable sets just below failure. Sticking to a plan will get you through those sets of 21 and 15 much quicker than going to failure early on and ending with singles. Keep the push-ups pretty and just keep moving on the other movements.