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Tuesday, March 31st

WARM-UP 60 Seconds of Jumping Jacks 6 Inchworms6 DB Strict Press/arm6 Squat Jumps 40 Seconds of Jumping Jacks 4 Inchworms4 DB Strict Press/arm 4 Squat Jumps 20 Second Jumping Jacks 2 Inchworms 2 DB Strict Press/arm2 Squat Jumps A)“Kelly’s House”5...

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Monday, March 30th

    A) “Cookie Monster”15 Minute AMRAP20 Single Arm DB Snatches 40 Double Unders20 Burpees 40 Double Unders AA) “Cookie Monster” (No Equipment Version)15 Minute AMRAP20 Odd-Object Ground To Overhead 20 Lateral Hops over...

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Friday, March 27th

A) Part A: On the 0:003 Rounds 20 Jumping Lunges 20 Single Arm Hang DB Snatches  Part B: on the 7:003 Rounds 20 Jumping Lunges 20 Single Arm Power Cleans  Part C: On the 14:003 Rounds 20 Jumping Lunges 20 Single Arm DB Thrusters  On all DB...

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Wednesday, March 25th

You’re READY for this… You are MADE for this sh*** In all the talks we’ve done with members in the last few months, one thing stood out. When things gets tough, YOU get tougher. You are some of the strongest and most mentally tough people in your...

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Tuesday, March 24

Be on the lookout for a longer post tomorrow.  A) “32 Pack”16 minute TABATA 20 sec on/10 sec offStation 1: Pack ground to overhead Station 2: DB/KB Turkish Sit-upStation 3: Glute Bridge Station 4: Flutter Kick  Complete station 1, 2...

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