Thursday, February 19th

A) 5 Rounds or 30 minutes, for quality
-Double over hand “Quiet” Deadlift x 3
-Row 300 meters 
-10 Dumbbell Box Step Overs 50/35, 24/20 (1 bell)
-10 Ring Rows
-20 seconds Dumbbell Side Plank (DB held above the body)
-60 seconds of single unders

 Slowing your deadlift down means 2 things: 1. you can focus on a solid descent and bottom position, and 2. more time under tension (aka more gainz!) Use the slower pace to feel where you might *break* as deadlifts get heavy… then focus on that!!

Modify the load and/or height on the box step overs so you can grab ’em and go. The intent is to move continuously through the circuit.

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