Thursday, January 16th

A)  Pace Training
On the minute, for 21 minutes:
Min 1: Max DB box step-overs (you choose the weight. Light-ish)
Min 2: Max  Double unders
Min  3: Max Weighted plank hold (45/35)

*:50 work / :10 rest for all working minutes.

Consider this workout more like a training exercise for sustainability, not an all out effort. You should hit an unbroken set of 10-14 on the DB box step overs, 30-50 double unders, and hold your plank variation for :45-:50 without breaking. Scale accordingly!

B) Partner Finisher
In teams of 2:
6 Minute AMRAP
Weighted Sit-Ups 35/20

*Hold single DB across chest. Partner “A” works for 1 minute while Partner “B”  holds Partner “A’s” feet. And so on, alternating minutes until the end of the AMRAP.

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