Saturday, November 23rd

Thanksgiving Day schedule: 8/9am classes only.  No 5/6am the Friday after. All other classes are the same. 

A)  In teams of two
30 Minute AMRAP

20 Calorie Row 
20 Burpees
20 Calorie Row
20 Box Jumps 24/20
20 Calorie Row 
10 Bar Muscle-Ups

One partner working at a time. Break the work up however desired. Choose a pace and scaling options that allow for one partner to be consistently be moving, the exception being on the Bar Muscle-Ups.

Scale BMU to Jumping Bar Muscle-Ups (make these challenging by adjusting bar/box height
Or 2x Chest-to-Bar Pull-Up
Or 2x Jumping Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

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