Monday, November 11th

Class Schedule: 9/12/3:30/4:30 classes only today. All other classes canceled. Happy Veterans Day!!

A) “Freedom Forces”
For Time (with a Partner)

With a Running Clock:

3 Rounds of:
200 meter Buddy Carry
20 Planking Partner Burpees

Then, 10 Rounds of:
8 Synchronized Pull-Ups
12 Synchronized Push-Ups

Partition the first two rounds as needed. If you can’t carry your buddy, carry an object.  
Once the last burpee is completed move immediately to the 10-round synchronized portion of the workout.

For the planking partner burpees, one partner holds plank while the other partner does burpees with a jump over the planking partner.

For the synchronized portion of the workout partners must perform each rep in unison for the rep to count. Each partner must complete 8 pull-ups and 12 push-ups per round.

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