Thursday, November 7th

Crossfit Kids start today!

A) Handstand Hold Against Wall

Accumulate 3 minutes against the wall. Opening first with 10 strict pull-ups and performing another 3 strict  pull-ups for each handstand hold fraction. Scale with pike from a box. 

*Time cap 7 minutes 
Rx+: 4 minute hold

B) 12 minutes of Ring Muscle Up work

A) Foundations Building Superset

For someone who is not yet strong enough, and will benefit more from strength work than skill work.

5-7 sets of:
A1)  1-3 Strict Perfect Pull-Ups
A2)  3-5 Dips (Rings, or Matador) 
A3) 10 second ring support hold 


Rotate through the exercises in order, resting as needed. Use bands as needed on the Pull-Ups and dips. 

B) Low Ring Transition Work

For someone who has the requisite strength, but little to no experience on the rings or trying Muscle-Ups.

5-7 sets of:
3-5 Strict Low Ring Transitions

Establish a solid catch and support positions at the bottom and top of the rings on every rep. If you can perform these well they try attempts on high rings. 

C) Muscle-Up Consistency/Capacity Work

On the Minute, for 12 minutes: 
Even: 10 Russian Kettlebell Swings
Odd: 1-5 Muscle-Ups (Strict or Kipping)

The goal of this work is to perform ring muscle ups in a semi-fatigued state. If the Muscle-Ups alone are very challenging for you then skip the swings and do Muscle-Ups every other minute. 

C) Core Work
8 minute AMRAP

20 Second Hollow Hold
15 Abmat Sit-ups
20 Mountain Climbers
20 second Superman

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