Tuesday, November 5th

A) 15 minutes to build to a 1 rep max bench press 

Get a few good warm up sets to grease the groove. You’ll have 3-4 heavy single attempts to determine a 1RM press for today.
Rest 2:00 or as needed before heaviest attempts.\

B) 3 Rounds, for total time including rest:
10 chest to bar + toes to bar
20 Cal Row
30 Push Press 65/45

Rest 2:00 between rounds

Time cap 25 minutes 

Rx+: 20 C2B+T2B

C2B + T2B is one rep of each… LINKED! Goal today is to play with the kip and timing. You could do this with regular pull ups and T2B or K2C. If you need a band, practice linking 5 pull-ups then 5 toes to bar. 

For the push press, we’re really looking for a good breathing strategy and for every rep to look the same. 

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