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Thursday, August 1st

A) Every 2 minutes, for 12 minutes (6 sets):  Push Press x 3 reps @ 11X2 Note the tempo – you must pause for one-second in the front-rack position between every lift, then pause two full seconds with the load overhead before re-racking the...

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Wednesday, July 31st

Happy Birthday Kelly! A) Against a running clock:at 0:00: 1500-m rowat 10:00: 1200-m runat 20:00: 1000-m rowat 28:00: 800-m runat 36:00: 500-m rowat 40:00: 400-m run Track times for all of your splits—your pace should be getting FASTER as you...

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Tuesday, July 30th

A) “Lynne”5 rounds for reps of:Bench press body weight (max reps)Pull-ups (max reps) This is a classic CrossFit benchmark. Score is number of reps you did in all 5 rounds. There is no time element to this wod. Choose body weight ONLY IF you can...

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CrossFit WOD, July 29, 2019

Monday, July 29th 2019 Weightlifting Power Snatch (15min EMOM x 1-2 reps) On the minute for 15 minutes Power snatch x 1-2 reps Record your last 5 sets (hopefully BEST FIVE!) Today’s your day to practice a great set-up and solid positions...

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Saturday, July 27th

A) In teams of three, complete three rounds each of:350 Meter Row(rest station)20 Dumbbell Snatches (50/35 lbs)(rest station)10/7 Bar Muscle-Ups (or 15 Strict Pull-Ups)(rest station) Teammates will attack this in a pipeline fashion. Teammate A...

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Friday, July 26th

A) Every 90 seconds, for 4 sets:Tempo Front Squat x 3 reps @31X1(3 seconds down, 1 seconds pause at the bottom, Xplode up, 1 second at the top) Working on nailing down nice vertical position and drive out of the hole in prep for the 5 x 5 front...

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Thursday, July 25th

A) Farmer Carry10 minutes to work up to a heavy 50 ft carry.  B) 30 Minutes for Quality:3:00 Row/Bike/Jog10 Side Plank Reveres Flys each arm  10 Hand-to-Hand Kettlebell Swings 10 Landmine Rows each arm  The Kettlebell Swings should be at a...

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Wednesday, July 24th

A) 15 minutes: 1 Snatch high pull-Drop & reset-1 Power snatch + 1 Floating power snatch (2″ off the floor)  Start light and build up 70-75% intensity. Then, eliminate the high pull from the complex, and simply continue your build with...

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