Monday, December 3rd

By Travis Schliesser 


This week marks the first week of December and week eight of our eight week training cycle. That means this week is a testing week. But were going to take it a step further and stretch it out over two weeks!

While most people are going into hibernation and setting themselves up for a rude awakening come the new year, you’ll be doing 12 benchmark workouts in 12 days and getting you ready to go into the holidays strong!

Your goal for the 12 days will be to SHOW UP! It doesn’t matter how well you do, just THAT you do. After it’s all done on Dec 15th, we’ll celebrate at the Christmas party with good friends, good food, and good beer!

The Twelve Days Of CrossFit starts now!

12 Days of CrossFit – Day 1 – Nasty Girls

Your first workout of the 12 days is called “Nasty girls”.

It was one of CrossFit’s first benchmark workouts, and first videos they posted on the web.

It represents everything that makes CrossFit different.

Check it out


In it, you see three strong ladies in a small garage gym doing squats and lifting weights…but more importantly, doing strict MUSCLE UPS!
This was way before instagram had videos of ladies throwing around big weights.
Back in the day, this was mind blowing! It still is…those ladies are badass.

Best part about that video is towards the end, when Nicole (the lady in the middle) starts missing her muscle ups. Things were all going along fine, then it all sorta fell apart.

You can see the other ladies cheering her on, and she starts crying a bit more with each failed attempt. You can relate to that frustration after you’ve been at Sentry

Every so often you run into that workout or movement where your body just doesn’t want to do what you’re telling it to do. You’re going along just fine, then you hit a wall.

You want to quit. You want to sneak out of the side of the gym. But a coach comes by and encourages you, or a fellow athlete cheers you on…and you keep going. And finishing that workout becomes one of your proudest accomplishments..

Even though you scaled it down, finished last, and almost had a mental breakdown. The biggest changes you make happen is between your ears. That’s why I love this workout, and this video..and why it’s the first workout of the 12 days. 

Can’t wait to throw down with you today!

A) On the minute, for 12 minutes:
Minute 1: 10/7 Calorie Row
Minute 2: 10 Air Squats to target
Minute 3: 1-2 Muscle Ups or 5 
Minute 3: 3-5 Hang Power Cleans (building)

B) “Nasty Girls”
3 Rounds For Time
50 air squats
7 muscle ups
10 hang power cleans 135/95
*20 min cap

*Scale Muscle Ups with low ring muscle ups OR to 15 Chest to bar, Pullups or Ring Rows & 15 Ring Dips or Push Ups. Scale load on Hang Power Clean or with Dumbbells.

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