Friday, October 12th

By Travis Schliesser


Calm Down… It’s Supposed to Feel Heavy -Catalyst Athletics
CrossFit Firms Up Games Changes -Morning Chalk Up

By now all of you should have received an email from Wodify with instructions to confirm your email address. Once you confirm you’ll be asked to login to Wodify Core. You’ll need to create a password by clicking “forgot my password”. Once you create your password you’ll be able to login using your email as the username and your password. Download the Wodify app and  play around on it. You can update you payment info if I haven’t got to it yet. And add a profile picture1

A) 3 sets of:
Behind The Neck Snatch Grip Push Press x 6-8 reps 
rest 60 seconds 
Waiter Hold/ Suitcase Hold Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat x 6 reps each leg
rest 60 seconds 

Hold 1 DB at your side and one DB overhead. Use the same weight in both hands. 

B) 5 Rounds for Quality:
50 Unbroken Double-Unders
25 Hollow Rocks
5 Strict Weighted Pull-Ups

The Doubles are meant to be unbroken. If you can’t perform 50 unbroken, then scale to about 2 minutes of practice. For the Pull-Ups, add weight as able or scale to bands. Rest as needed between movements and between rounds.

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