Monday, June 25th

By Travis Schliesser


Stay Fit and Heart Healthy to Power Your Brain Breaking Muscle

A) “31 Heroes”
31 Minute AMRAP with a partner:
Partner A
8 Squat Clean Thrusters (Clusters) 135 / 95
6 Rope Climbs 15 ft.
11 Box Jumps 30 / 24
Partner B
400m Run with  45/25 ObjectPartner
A will perform the work listed above. Partner B will run 400m with a sandbag or ball (45/25). Once Partner B returns from the run, Partner A will grab the sandbag/ball and begin their 400m, while Partner B continues work wherever A left off.  Scale the weight, rope climb and box height as needed but keep the reps the same.  The barbell should be on the heavy side.
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