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Thursday, April 21st

If you have trained Monday – Wednesday, take today as a rest day. Yesterdays Whiteboard  Performance and Competition are in red A) 3 rounds, not of time Double Kettle Bell front rack walking lunge x 12 steps rest 30 seconds Overhead squat x...

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Wednesday, April 20th

WHAT DOES 30X0 MEAN? – WHY I LIKE TEMPO TRAINING Slow down . . . it might be your key to avoiding injury and getting stronger. Tempo training is not just for bodybuilders. Olympic caliber athletes from all over the world use tempo training to...

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Tuesday, April 19th

YOU SHALL NOT SNATCH, or, Thoughts on the Absolute Necessity of the Hook Grip By Noah Abbott Originally posted 7.1.2014 Lately my coaching comrades and I have been noticing a strange phenomenon. Normally conscientious and dedicated Crossfit...

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Monday, April 18th

“Competition” The focus of the competition training for the next 8 weeks will be on increasing upper body pressing strength and bending. The main lift well focus on for pressing will be the ring/stationary dip. For bending think...

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Friday, April 15th

UCAN Super Starch: What is it, and Who is it for? In the world of supplements, processed carbohydrates are probably only second in sales to various proteins; manufacturers would have you believe it’s absolutely essential to be properly fueled...

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Thursday, April 14th

Performance and Competition are in red A) 3 sets of: 8 Lateral Lunges or Pistols each leg 12 Ring Rows (get as horizontal as possible while still completing the full range of motion) B) Every 3 minutes, for 15 minutes: 10 Kettle Bell Front Squats...

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Wednesday, April 13

Performance is in red, Competition is in blue A) On the minute, for 9 minutes: Minute 1 – Support Hold (accumulate 15-20 second) Minute 2 – Overhead Squat x 6 reps @3211 (3 sec down, 2 sec pause in the bottom, scale with bands, PVC) Minute 3 –...

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Tuesday, April 11th

Training for Fat Loss Written by Calvin Sun I’ve spent the better part of a decade earning a living by training clients and working with athletes. In that time, the biggest misconceptions that I have seen over and over have been related to...

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