Tuesday, January 26th

Anatomy of a Protein Shake- Breaking Muscle

Fixing the Dip in the Push Press– YouTube

A Day in the Life of Brooke Ence– YouTube

A) 5 sets of:
Segmented Snatch Deadlift x 4 reps (Pause 2″ off floor, knee cap, mid thigh)
Rest 2 minutes

B) 2 Rounds For Total Reps:
60 second  Max Rep Alternating Step-ups  24/20
Rest 60 seconds
60 second Max Rep Alternating Dumbbell Snatch  55/35
Rest 60 seconds
60 second Max Rep Russian Swing  55/35
Rest 60 seconds
60 second Max Rep Wall Balls 20/14
Rest 60 seconds

3 sets of:
C1) Farmers Carry x 45 meters (length of rig 3 times)  HEAVY
No Rest
C2) Powell raise x 8 reps per arm
No Rest

A) 10 minutes to build to a tough Strict Press

3 sets of:
B1) Max Rep Unbroken Muscle Ups
Rest 30sec
B2) Max Rep Unbroken Strict Handstand Pushups (kip if less than 5)
Rest 30 seconds
B3) Max Rep Unbroken Toes To Bar
Rest 3 minutes
(If you can’t do any of these, pick 2 movements and work on them for 10 minutes)

C) Not For Time
30 Alternating Turkish Get Ups
(You pick the weight. Pick something you can move smoothly with)

D) 5 sets of:
Row or Assault Bike 60 seconds HARD
Rest 60 seconds
(all at same pace)

“Accessory Work”
3 sets of:
Reverse Snow Angles x 15 reps
Rest 45 seconds
Upright Row x 10 reps
Rest 45 seconds
Couch Stretch x 45 second per leg
Rest 45 seconds

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