Monthly Archives: Jun 2015

Wednesday, July 1st

Because of the heat we have been having and how muggy it gets in our box, it is extra important to be drinking fluids throughout the entire day! This should be done around an 85% effort. You should use a sustainable pace through the whole...

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Tuesday, June 30th

Linchpin Test 1 A) Four sets of: Turkish Get-Ups x 2 reps each arm Rest 45 seconds Romanian Deadlift x 6-8 reps @ 3011 Rest 45 seconds Double-Unders x 60 seconds Rest 45 seconds WOD: For max reps: Goblet Squats 70/53 x 2 minutes Rest 60 seconds...

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Monday, June 29th

A) Three sets of: Bulgarian Split Squat x 8-12 reps @3010 Rest 30 seconds 60 second Handstand Hold OR Wall Climbs x 5 reps OR Handstand Push-Ups x Max Reps Rest 3 minutes WOD: For Time -400 Meter Run -“Annie” Rounds of 50, 40, 30, 20...

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Friday, June 26th

A) Every 2 minutes, for 10 minutes (5 sets): 2 High Hang Snatch High Pulls + 1 High Hang Power Snatch B) Every 90 seconds, for 22.5 minutes (5 sets of each station): Station 1 – Front-Foot Elevated Split Squat with DBs x 6 reps each leg @ 3111...

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Thursday, June 15th

Registration for the Oregon Summer Games opens tomorrow and 6:30 am. Don’t wait to register as this event has sold out within 24 hours. A) Five sets of: Push Press x 3-5 reps Rest 90 seconds Weighted Pull-Ups x 3-5 reps Rest 90 seconds B) 4...

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Wednesday, June 24th

A) Five sets of: Back Squat x 10 reps @ 30X0 Rest 30 seconds Single Arm Dumbbell Rows x 10 reps each arm @ 2111 Rest 60 seconds WOD: For time Row 500 meters Then… 100 Wall Balls 20/14 At the top of each minute, perform 5 burpees (not during...

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Tuesday, June 23rd

A) On the minute, for 10 minutes (5 sets): Even: 3-5 Strict Chin Ups Odd: 3-5 Strict Dips B) Every 2 minutes, for 6 minutes (3 sets): Standing Behind The Neck Press x 5 reps @3010 C) 5 rounds for time 10 Burpees to plate 6 Toes To Bar A) Every 2...

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