Monthly Archives: Mar 2015

Wednesday, April 1st

Remember to record all your work in the comments section of the blog! Performance and fitness are in red, Accessory work is in orange WOD: 3 Rounds for max reps/cals (1 score, total reps) 2 Minutes of Rowing for calories Rest 60 seconds Complete...

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Tuesday, March 31st

A) 5 sets of: Close Grip Bench Press (hands 15″ apart) x5 reps @ 20X1 Rest 60 seconds Ring Rows x 8 reps @ 2111 (2 sec down, 1 sec in the bottom, 1 sec up, 1 sec at top) Rest 60 seconds Plank x 45 seconds B) 3 rounds of… In three...

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Monday, March 30th

After five long weeks, the OPEN is finally over! Everyone did an amazing job and we had a record number of people participate. We would like to thank everyone for coming out to participate and cheer! The next couple of weeks will be testing...

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Friday, March 27th

Performance is in red, Competition is in blue Strength: A) 3 sets of: Split Squat x 8 reps each leg @3010 Rest 60 seconds between legs B) 3 sets of: 3 weighted Pullups @3010 Rest 30 seconds Powell raise x 8 reps each arm @3010 Rest 90 seconds...

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Thursday, March 26th

Performance and Competition are in red, Accessory Work is in orange. Strength: A) Every 2 minutes, for 10 minutes (5 sets): Clean x 1.1  (rest 10 sec between singles) B1) Weighted Dip x 3,3,3,3 reps (3 sec down 1 sec up) Rest 30 seconds B2) Side...

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Wednesday, March 25th

Performance is in red, Competition is in blue Strength: A1) Close-grip bench –x10, 8, 6, 4, 2 reps rest 90 seconds A2) Bent barbell row x 8, 8, 8, 8, 8 reps rest 90 seconds (Perform A1 and A2 as a superset) WOD: 10 min AMRAP 10 situps (feet...

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Tuesday, March 24th

Performance is in red, Competition is in blue, Accessory Work is in orange Strength: A) Every 2 minutes, for 10 minutes (5 sets): Deadlift x 3 reps.  Build to a 3RM B) Romanian Deadlift  x 10, 10, 10 – rest 2 minutes between sets WOD: 3 sets of...

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Monday, March 23rd

Strength: A) Every 3 minutes, for 9 minutes (3 sets): Back squat x 5 reps *On 3rd set, Max reps. B) Every 2 minutes, for 8 minutes (4 sets): Push press x 5 reps WOD: For time 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 -Push Press (use weight similar to the DB...

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