Friday, November 14th


Performance is in red, Competition is in blue, Accessory Work is in Orange

Strength: A) Every 2 minutes, for 8 minutes (4 sets): Deadlift x 3 reps– (build from 80% of your 1 RM. Work to a maximal set of 3) 

B) On the minute, for 10 minute (5 sets each arm): Single-arm Dumbbell or Kettle Bell Row x 8-10 reps (As heavy as possible)

C) Every 2 minutes, for 18 minutes (3 sets):
C1. Good Morning with PVC or empty bar x 12-20  reps– SLOW 
C2. FLR on rings – Accumulate 45-75 seconds 
C3. Abmat or GHD hip extension x 12-20 reps- SLOW

WOD: “Tabata”  (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off x8. For max reps)


Strength: A) Every two minutes, for 12 minutes (6 sets):
Front Squat + Jerk @ 90%

B) Every 3 minutes for 9 minutes (3 sets): 
165/115 lb Push Press x Max Reps @ 13X1
(Perform one push press every 5 seconds, for as many reps as possible – terminate the set if you fall off of the tempo.)

WOD: For time:
-Row 500 Meters
-10 Muscle-Ups
-Run 400 Meters
-20 Strict Handstand Push-Ups
-100 Double-Unders
-40 Ring Dips

Three sets of:
Weighted GHD Hip Extensions x 8 reps 
Rest as needed
Bat Wings x 5 reps @ 1515
(go as heavy as possible, but maintain good scap mechanics and range of motion, and stick to the tempo – 5 second rest at the bottom, 5 second hold at top)
Rest as needed

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